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Thank you for providing such a good caring sevice, this has benefitted my mother so much

 - Residents Daughter

A Lovely environment with a genuine supportive community 

- Residents Son

Danesbrook does a fantastic job in circumstances that are not always easy. Danesbrook always exceeds our expectations 

- Residents Daughter

I do appreciate the kindness and attention that you give to my sister continually. Bless you all 

- Residents Sister

Really pleased with the care recieved. Gran always looks cared for and clean. I would say that staff go the extra mile with all personal care. The atmosphere is always friendly and pleasant and the family are consulted about any issues or general queries re Health & Social Care. Althgough my grandmother suffers from dementia she is happy and I find that staff are trained to deal with any problems that occur

- Residents Grandaughter

Everyone at Danesbrook works well with other professionals, to maintain a high standard of care for the residents

- Community Psychiatric Nurse

I feel that the standard of care at Danesbrook is excellent.This is a very well run home, it is obvious that the residents and staff are very happy. I would have no hesitation in placing my mother here

- Community Nurse

The management team seem prepared to work with service users who are not always easy. They are prepared to try different strategies which is useful & benificial

- Social worker Mental Health Team

Staff are always knowledgeable about residents concerns

- Local GP

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